Magenta Pulse HR Solutions

Lasting organisations are built on highly engaged and motivated employees working towards a common goal. Magenta Pulse provides tools that help organisations to better engage and develop their employees, align employees with organisational goals and objectives, and understand internal team dynamics.

Employee Performance Management Solutions

Cloud Performance Management Solution that utilizes Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for setting and communicating goals and objectives in an organisation. Its core outcomes enable a company to connect with departments, teams and individuals to measurable result outcomes that are closely connected with the overall Goals and Objectives of the organisation.

360 Degree Employee Feedback Survey

360 degree employee surveys help minimize manager bias assessments by employing a multi-rater feedback and scoring system. The tool can also be employed to help recognize employee strength and weaknesses, as well as provide constructive feedback for improvements.

Magenta Pulse CloudBook

CloudBook provides employees in an organisation with a Mobile Employee Handbook App that enables employees access to their company's handbook information and staff directory through their mobile phones. All content in your company's employee handbook can be managed conveniently via our web-based content management system

Our Services

Technology alone does not solve problems. However, it enables us to work more productively. As such, Magenta Pulse does not only provide the technology but the know-hows of implementing them successfully in your organisation.

Employee Handbook Consultancy

Let our consultants review your company's employee handbook or develop one from ground up. As part of our service, all employee handbooks developed with us will also include the mobile Apps for your employees.

360 Assessment Development

Every organisation has different values and cultures. Our consultants are here to help you develop the appropriate questionnaires for your 360 Peer Assessment and help with the deploying of the assessment to your employees.

Employee Engagement Survey

Many organisations recognises the importance of highly engaged and motivated employees. But many fail to ask the correct questions to properly assess their employees. Take the guess work out by engaging our consultants to point you in the right direction.

Psychometric Assessments

Organisations that are interested in enabling employees to better understand their personality types, temperament, skills, values and interest. Magenta Pulse provides an interactive online assessment tool to help employees in this journey. Get connected with us to find out more.

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